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Digi Corporate is a metal fabrication and project management company that focuses on the areas of retail signage, digital LED screens, billboards, and shade sails. Digi focuses on giving our customers the complete experience whether its signage, LED screens, billboards or shade sails. Digi provides the complete solution. We offer site surveys, the design of both structural and aesthetic elements, fabrication including aluminium and structural steel with additional signage capabilities from our factory located between Brisbane and the Gold Coast. We also handle complete projects including design, installation, maintenance programs, and content management solutions for digital advertising displays. Since we focus on complete solutions we handle all the challenges that arise from using multiple contractors for a single job, giving you one point of contact throughout the project ensuring you stay in the loop, that we are accountable for each step, and you get the high-quality result you are looking for on time and to budget.

LED Screens and Displays

Digi Corporate has long-standing relationships with some of Australia’s leading billboard and out of home (OOH) companies. Completing billboards frame structures and screen enclosures. From our close work with these companies, we have realised the growing potential and advantages of LED screens. After discovering the potential of LED displays, we decided we need to invest time and research into becoming experts in LED screens and have become a leading importer and distributor of high quality LED screens. We offer a range of different LED digital signage solutions from indoor and shopping centre advertising LED screen displays to LED scoreboards, menu boards and LED exhibition displays up to massive roadside LED billboards. By using Digi for your complete project, you get quality you can trust, the best team in Australia for completing every aspect of your digital project and ongoing support. To find out more about our LED displays and digital solutions check out our LED screens page.


Digi has a factory based between Brisbane and the Gold Coast which services the whole of Australia. We have the facilities and equipment for aluminium and metal fabrication. We also have a variety of specialised signage manufacturing equipment including a digital printer, vinyl cutter and flat bed CNC router which we use to ensure perfect profiles and smooth edges on lettering and ACM (aluminium composite material) panels. Digi Corporate has been around for a long time and has created all types of signage, our solutions often consist of the following elements; LED lightboxes, fascia signage, building painting works, secondary and direction ACM signage, indoor digital prints, LED fabricated letter sets, window graphics, and reception letter sets. We can also provide solutions that include digital signage and menu boards which are covered in our section on LED screens. To find out more about our signage check out our signage page.


Corporate Rebranding

Digi Corporate started out as a company based in providing corporate signage solutions to retailers. Specialising in project managing program roll outs for clients with multiple sites across Australia. Taking away the burden of finding multiple contractors for different locations while maintaining competitive pricing and ensuring a consistent brand image across all your sites. These programs generally contain the elements listed in our signage section and we can include custom elements or remove elements to suit your program needs.


Metal Fabrication

With a manufacturing facility based in Ormeau, between Brisbane and the Gold Coast Digi Corporate manufactures all its steel and aluminium work in-house. Our structural steel section provides large solutions for structural members including structural house framing and billboards. In the past, we have worked with custom pipe up to nearly 2m in diameter. Our aluminium fabricators can provide smaller solutions and are capable of very intricate custom jobs. We have a CNC router that allows us to cut complex shapes and perfect sized cladding with precision fold lines. Our team of welders have over 30 years combined experience. With in-house technical drawings services, e can give you peace of mind that we are all on the same page and ensure you get exactly what you’re looking for. For more information about our welding and fabrication services check out our metal fabrication page.








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